Health and Wellness

Our professionals work with you to design or tailor a program to help your company attract and retain talent, encourage employee wellbeing and commitment, and contain benefits-related costs.

The current trend of steady increases in health-related costs (often well above inflation), increased utilization of employee benefits, chronic diseases, lifestyle challenges, stress and other mental health problems, are an increasing global concern that affect both the health of employees and employer managed health plans.

Aging, combined with health reforms, is forcing employees to take greater responsibility and address new challenges to the health and well-being of their talent.

Our professionals work with you to design or tailor a Health and Wellness program that helps you contain employee-benefits-related costs while engaging and motivating your workforce through choice in health and wellness benefits. Effective health prevention and communication strategies can help encourage employee participation and the adoption of a culture of self-care.

This strategic approach will help you and your business to:

  • Better understand the profile of your employees.
  • Measure your risks.
  • Identify necessary interventions.
  • Prioritize initiatives in line with your corporate philosophy.
  • Demonstrate a return on your benefits investment.

See our Applications for Wellness that help to achieve the above key business objectives.

A strategy for creating long-term sustainability

We seek to reduce your premium and achieve optimal value for your investment, with the best terms and conditions.

We evaluate any situation that could make your business a "less attractive risk”, and recommend improvements.

We deliver employee benefits programs that help create a commitment between employees and your organization.

Impact on your company's productivity

We improve employee productivity by addressing issues and concerns related to the administration of your benefit plans and insurance policies.

We manage health risks that can impact your business, recommending and implementing changes to improve your profile.

Innovative health solutions

We propose creative ways to reduce your health costs while focusing on the acquisition of talent to your organization.

We will act as your claims management consultants and advocate your best interests.

Making informed and strategic decisions

Through periodic benchmarking exercises, you can compare key indicators with your market peers.

With this in-depth data and analysis, you can manage your benefits plan design more proactively.