Employee Choice and Voluntary Options

Voluntary benefits, as well as their communication strategies, have become a great differential for organizations in strengthening their competitiveness and in creating a sustainable employee benefits value proposition.

Balancing benefits costs, simplifying delivery, and engaging employees through proactive and digital communication, is top priority for all employers.

This is especially important, given how multigenerational, diverse and global workforces are today.

Voluntary Plans

Voluntary Benefit Plans allow you to offer a much wider range of products and services, through a digital platform, with discounted rates purchased as part of a business agreement. These typically incur little or no additional cost to you.

Because of their convenience, portability and cost-effectiveness, Voluntary Plans are becoming a key component in many companies' benefit strategies, delivering high value to employees at a lower cost and effort for the organization.

Employee Communication

Communicating the advantages of your benefits program to employees is as important as providing those same benefits. Employees perceive benefits as a reward if they know about them, actively participate in their selection, and understand their value.

Sharing details about your benefit plan will help you:

  • Increase the value and perception of your benefits.
  • Improve employee satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty.
  • Provide an invaluable tool for employee retention.