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Employee Choice and Voluntary Options

Flexible and voluntary benefits, as well as their communication strategies, have become a great differential for organizations in strengthening their competitiveness and in creating a sustainable employee benefits value proposition.

Balancing benefits costs, simplifying delivery, and engaging employees through a proactive and digital communication is top priority for all employers. This is especially important given how multigenerational, diverse and global workforces are today.

Flexible Benefits

Including a Flexible Benefits plan as a differentiating and innovative element within your value proposition helps contribute to increasing employee commitment and satisfaction, and is a powerful tool for attracting and retaining talent.

Flexible Benefit plans give employee a quota in cash or points beyond salary, allowing you to choose from a portfolio of personalized products and services, tailored to the stage and lifestyle of each of your employees and their families.

Giving employees choice in their benefits package can be a powerful tool in managing benefits cost, and enhancing your credibility as an employer of choice.

Voluntary Plans

Voluntary Benefit Plans allow you to offer a much wider range of products and services through a digital platform with discounted rates purchased as part of a business agreement. These typically incur little or no additional cost to you.

Because of their convenience, portability and cost-effectiveness, Voluntary Plans are becoming a key component in many companies' benefit strategies, delivering high value to their employees at a lower cost and effort for their company.

Employee Communication

Communicating the advantages of your benefits program to employees is as important as providing the same benefits. Employees perceive benefits as a reward if they know about them, actively participate in their selection, and understand their value.

Sharing details about your benefit plan will help you:

  • Increase the value and perception of your benefits.
  • Improve employee satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty.
  • Provide an invaluable tool for employee retention.