Brokerage Consulting and Analytics

Using data, analytics, and technology will help you simplify and improve your benefits plans, and manage effective and sustainable programs.

Brokerage and Consulting

Through a consultative and information-based approach, we evaluate, design and manage employee health and benefit programs that help you:

  • Understand and analyze you workforce profile.
  • Measure risks and design actions to prevent, mitigate, treat and contain program costs.
  • Develop sustainable benefit programs aligned with your corporate strategy.
  • Ensure benefits programs are both competitive and valued by your employees.
  • Implement comprehensive health strategies that positively impact your workforce.
  • Develop strategies and initiatives to effectively disseminate and communicate your benefits program.


We understand the importance of the role of data, analysis, and technology to help you streamline your benefit plans, manage effective and sustainable programs, and achieve the best outcome for your business.

After diagnosing the specific problems of your workforce, we use tools such as benchmarking, data modeling, indicator analysis, and a consultative approach to the design and efficient management of your benefit programs.

In this way, our consultants can provide information and follow-up to analyze the risk profile of your employee population and overcome challenges such as achieving effective cost management, and sustainable return on investment (ROI).