The Future of Health

Health on Demand

New research on employer and worker’s perspectives of healthcare and the role of digital innovations helps guide employers to better understand unmet healthcare needs, solutions and opportunities. 

Health on Demand, a collaboration of Mercer Marsh Benefits, Mercer, and Oliver Wyman, is one of the most comprehensive studies ever undertaken to understand the values, needs, desires, and trepidations of workers – and employers – when it comes to the future of health in general and the role of digital health in particular. Learnings from the study will help companies make critical healthcare investment decisions over the next five years – which could make the difference between leaping ahead or lagging behind in terms of employee engagement, health and well-being.

By hearing first-hand from both workers and senior decision-makers, we’ve identified the most relevant and promising new strategies for boosting engagement and enhancing overall health and well-being – and, importantly, where there are gaps in employers’ understanding of workers’ priorities.

We surveyed 16,564 adult workers and 1,300 senior decision-makers across 13 countries and gained critical insights into how generational, socio-economic and cross-cultural differences and have an impact on people’s willingness to engage with digital health solutions so that employers can tailor programs with favorable outcomes for both the employer and their workforce.

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